Exceeding expectations, sacrificing social life, and seizing LA

So far this year has proven one of the most productive yet. Though it took the majority of 2013 to set my self up for success and learn the ropes of Los Angeles, I’m finally experiencing a lot of pay off. I think of the old idiom “when it rains, it pours.” Or even more accurately in my case—all the good opportunities that I’ve been working toward presented themselves all at once. And of course, this is the Universe’s way of saying, “Nate, you are silly to think that you could have everything. You have to choose one or the other.”

But I didn’t listen to the Universe. I did it all. I had my cake and ate it. I worked for it. I pushed through on days without sleep. Since January I’ve been in a supporting role on a feature film, the lead in a feature, finally got the opportunity to be the lead in a film that I also wrote & directed, tamed the beast of my feature screenplay, several teleplays, had my first short story published (have another piece forthcoming), performed on several improv teams, and BROKE DOWN a huge wall to get to the next stage of my career—a door that I’ve already taken a few steps through, and already have been overwhelmed with work ever since. Needless to say, it has been good. I’ve been busy. I’ve been working. This is why I moved to LA, and as far as personal expectations, I never thought I’d say that I’m exceeding my own. I have so many great projects coming up that I’m forbidden to speak of, but I’ve been pleasantly absorbed in my work for weeks now.

Unfortunately this has had an effect on my social life. But I constantly need to remind myself that I did not work as hard as I did to move out here just to drink my money away like I did back home. I came here to take advantage of all the opportunities LA has to offer.

To focus a little more on some of the larger projects that took over my life this year, I’d like to reflect on Fixer and The Chest. It now feels like we shot Fixer years ago, but in reality it has only been a couple months. We shot the entire film in a matter of days. They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was impossible. But we did it. And I can honestly say that we did it because the entire team put in hours of energy so that the shoot would be as efficient as possible. Our director took so much of his time to rehearse individually with the cast, and the remarkable part is that due to our difficult schedules, the entire cast rarely rehearsed all together. But when we shot the movie, it was as if we had been doing it together the entire time because of how efficient the director was in our private rehearsals. A more in depth look of taking on the role of Fixer and what it meant to be can be found in a this blog for Hounded—the comic series that takes place in the same universe as Fixer: http://crookedabe.com/comics/hounded-1-page-4

Fixer_Poster     The_Chest_Poster_Yellow

And as soon as Fixer came and went, it was just as soon to gear up and jump into production for The Chest. We started the crowd funding through Indiegogo knowing that we had a short turn around time to shoot the project. Thanks to all of our amazing followers, fans, and supporters, we were able to exceed our budget goal by a mind-blowing amount…and the result is that we were able to create a great short film, and what I consider one the best things I have ever made. We were initially going to make The Chest on a shoestring budget, but our investors helped take the film to a new tier by allowing us to utilize better gear, definitely at a more professional level. The co-writer and co-star of The Chest, Rachel Paulson, and I sat down and recorded this podcast after shooting The Chest:   



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