Short Fiction

The Naga Dreams
Red Fez

The Al Capone Suite
The Blotter

Property Damage
Eclectica Magazine

Andie Comes Home
Toledo City Paper, Fiction Contest 2016, 2nd Place

Right Now At This Very Moment
Birdville Magazine

Devil In The Attic
Dogz Plot


The Wishful Dread of a Career in Art
Lunch Ticket

Merry Christmas, Cheryl Ann
Hobart Literary Journal

Annotation of The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories by Ken Liu
Annotation Nation


The Burning Valley Midwest Twenty-Three
Literary Orphans
Print Publication in “The Mill”

Glass City Blues
Red Fez
The Beatnik

Throwing Rocks At Cars, 1996
Red Fez

The Rabbit Wringer
Toledo Poetry Examiner

if you want a revolution
Print Publication in “The Capstone Review”


Journalism Archive 

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